Laminate – Coastal Shaker

Phase II High Pressure Laminate Door

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Profile is available in any Greenlam Laminate colour excluding the gloss colours. Available in AFX material for an upcharge.
This product is only available with a matching back. It can be ordered as a door, MOB, or in loose material.
All Greenlam high pressure laminates have anti-bacterial characteristics.

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Laminate Style

Aspen Oak 5373-04, Biscotti 5328-37, Black Forest 5380-69, Chelsea Chestnut Anthracite 5383-69, Chelsea Chestnut Natural 5381-69, Chiaro 5327-37, Cloud White Q011-30, Cyclone 132-33, Eclipse Ash 5346-04, Glacier 5416-37, Grey Magic 5372-69, Lido Pine 5384-04, Limewashed Ash 5426-37, Liro Sap 5343-04, Lyon Walnut 5517-21X, Noce Elegante 5345-04, Nordic Walnut 5333-04, Qtr. Graphite Teak Q006-WF, Rosenheim Elm 5353-69, Sherwood Oak 5348-04, Smog 269-30, Solid Black Trace 401-69, Steamed Beech 5338-69, Style White Q009-SM, Antique Oak 793-18, Arctic Grey Q275-SM, Black AFX 9861, Black Raw Silk 401-10, Black Suede 401-30, Charred Elm 9602-37, Cinder 5029-18, Crossover Wenge 781-18, Dark Grey 261-30, Douglas Fir 770-18, Dusk Tabriz 5721-37, Dust 268-30, Eden Grey AFX 9852, Fossil Wood 5304-37, Frosted Maple 5718-37, Frosty White 113-30, Grey Eucalyptus 5301-37, Grey Raft Wood 5516-33, Grey Tabriz 5720-37, Griege Teak 9605-37, Ironside Oak 5083-37, Jakarta Teak 778-18, Milwaukee Walnut 791-18, Natural Olive 5038-18, Oak 738-18, Pearl Grey 275-30, Philippine Teak 5003-18, Pine Nut 274-30, Qtr. Carbon Ash Q007-NT, Qtr. Graphite Teak Q006-NT, Rift Cut Oak 5082-37, Smoked Maple 5719-37, Snow White Q010-SM, Stone Grey Q012-SM, Style White Q009-30, Sumatra Teak 777-18, Thunder Grey Q261-SM, Urban White 201-SM, White 101-30, White AFX 9851, Wool 107-10, X/G Ironside Oak 5083-21X, X/G Rift Cut Oak 5082-21X